Smile! You’re on Camera!

(or at least you’ll be on camera)

We are so excited that you’ll be an inductee at the 2023 Woz ED Pathway Conference in November. We want you to have a grand entrance as you are inducted by Steve Wozniak!

As you walk to the stage, we will be playing your highlights video with matching background music. To help you look great we will need two things from you—(1) Assets for your video and (2) a short 5-7 sentence script for your video.

Here’s a sample video from last year’s induction:

Please submit your video assets and your 5-7 sentence video script by 10/16/23!

If you don’t have a chance to submit in time, at minimum, your logo will be on the screen with some background music.

Upload the assets that will be used in your highlights video.

  • Upload high-resolution photos that show action and smiling people! Include Woz ED kit activities if possible.

  • Upload short video clips

Submit your video text below