Woz ED Spotlight: Parette Walker-Woz ED Specialist at Buffalo Public Schools

Mrs. Parette U. Walker is a well-loved, former principal of the Buffalo Public School District. She is a native Buffalonian who attended Buffalo Public schools and graduated from Bennett High School, Buffalo State University, and SUNY at Buffalo.

As a former teacher and school administrator, her passion for education and commitment to excellence have impacted countless students and educators throughout the district.  

After 33 years of service, Mrs. Walker is excited to be back, this time in a new role as The Woz ED Specialty Program Officer. In her new role, she will manage Buffalo Public School District’s STEM programs. Some of her duties include keeping the district informed about the latest Woz ED materials, working to align STEM concepts with New York learning standards, and ensuring continuous growth in STEM for teachers and students.

She will also organize the Woz ED Summer Camp Program for Buffalo Public School students with SAY YES, along with the annual Woz ED Showcase, featuring student-led activities and demonstrations using Woz ED resources from various schools in the Buffalo Public School District.

While working as principal of the Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction, President Sharon Belton- Cottman introduced Parette Walker to Woz ED and Educational Consultant, Mr. Jim Klubek. Mrs. Walker, along with several Buffalo administrators, attended a demonstration at Salamanca High School in Northeast Florida. She was deeply impressed with the students’ ability to not only demonstrate their skills, but articulate what they were learning. She loved watching the students have fun while showcasing what they had learned and could tell how engaged they were with the materials.

She was previously working on implementing Woz ED STEM kits and curriculum at Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction before her retirement and is excited to be on the front lines of implementing the program in every school building throughout the district.

Parette Walker believes the children in Buffalo Public Schools deserve the opportunity to have Woz ED STEM kits as part of their science and technology curriculum. Students should be challenged and be given the opportunity for hands-on learning experiences. She says,

“Have high expectations for them.  Students rise to the occasion. Create an occasion to rise to, and they will get there.”

Parette is thankful to Superintendent Dr. Tonja Williams and President Sharon Belton-Cottman for their outstanding leadership in making the Woz ED experience possible and accessible to all students in grades K-12 in the Buffalo Public Schools.


Jim Klubek-Woz ED Associate

Jim Klubek (right): Parette’s Partner in STEM at Woz ED.

Published: July 03, 2023


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