AR/VR Curriculum (Level II) – Exploring AR and VR

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As Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology infiltrate everyday life, we may not always recognize the ways these technologies are used to plan, map, and engage our communities. In the Woz ED Level II AR/VR Kit, students will investigate the ways that AR and VR are being used to plan and build bridges, visualize science, and engage citizens in community art projects. By learning about the real-world, practical application of AR and VR, students will gain an understanding of how these technologies can be used to benefit communities.

Throughout the five learning modules, students will learn how AR and VR are used to solve real-world problems. In module one, students will learn what AR and VR are and will be introduced to CoSpaces Edu. They will use the program to create a virtual environment and experiment with bringing their virtual designs into the physical world. In module two, students will discover what civil engineers and architects do and how they use VR to design and plan buildings. Students will create a simple environment and fill it with plants, animals, roads, and a pedestrian bridge. Module three continues to build on the AR/VR concepts students are learning. Students will create a community environment and add murals and artwork to their VR. Students will learn about butterflies in module four and create their own virtual museum exhibit. They will then use AR to make part of their exhibit come to life in their physical classroom. In the final module, students will choose something from one of their previously made virtual environments and use cardboard, connectors, and decorating to create a real-life model. These will then be put on a class display for others to see.