Mobile Development (Level IV) – App Building Basics

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In the Level 4 Mobile Development Kit, students will learn the ends and outs of app making. From the brainstorming of ideas to the actual coding of the app, this kit will give students a firm introduction to the possibilities and challenges of a career in mobile development. Apps are a big part of life for anyone using a smart phone. In module 1, students will see the variety of businesses and industries that are using apps. Students will see the difference between freelancing and working for a company as a developer. They will also learn what skills are needed to succeed in this career field. Module 2 introduces students to the languages of coding. With hands-on activities, students will get experience with what the different languages are and how they are used in development. It’s time to apply their knowledge in module 3! Students will think of a problem and brainstorm an app that will help solve the problem. Students will sketch and present their ideas to peers. In module 4, students will set up the environment they need to develop their app idea. The final module will encourage students to create a basic app using Java script. They will have to demonstrate how to correctly follow syntax to make the app functional.