Robotics Curriculum (Level II) – Designing Robots

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Throughout the Robotics Level II Kit, students will explore robots as machines. Each module begins with a student inquiry, focused on how robotic machines require a source of input to achieve a desired output. With the students leading the discussion, they will explore the attributes of robots and how scientists, engineers, and technologists design robots to behave a certain way, accomplish a specific task, and/or solve a problem. Through engaging, hands-on activities using Cubelets blocks, students will manipulate inputs to achieve desired outputs and explore how to program robots that can sense, think, and act. They will look to nature for robotic design ideas. Later, they’ll use a combination of design thinking and the engineering design process to create a robot using Cubelets and Legos that contributes in a positive way to either home, school, or community. Students will brainstorm, design, test, and iterate to create an innovative robot of their choice.