Robotics Curriculum (Level III) – Robots with a Purpose

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Throughout the modules of the Level III Robotics Kit, students will gain an understanding of robots as programmable machines with interconnected parts and systems. Each module begins with a hands-on investigation into a different type of robotic concept. Throughout the modules, students explore the attributes of robots and discover how roboticists design, engineer, and program robots with the features and functionality to behave a certain way, accomplish a specific task, and/or solve a problem. In the first module, students will work together to build a robot. Students will transition into discovering how a robot senses and is programmed in module two. It’s all about exploration in module three as the students experiment with programming a robot to take pictures around the classroom. Module four has the students working together to program all the robots to complete a task. The fifth and final module gives students time to experiment and show what they have learned about programming. As students use the engineering design process to experiment and build, they will gain an understanding of the necessary inputs to achieve a desired output. Through participation in the Level III Robotics Kit modules, students will have opportunities to learn how to code using their choice of Bloxter or Python.