5th Grade – LIFE SCIENCE: Diversity of Organisms, Structure, and Function

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The Plant and Animals Kit will focus student investigation on how structure, function, and information processing in all living things supports the continuation of life. The study of camel adaptations will jumpstart student learning. Students will explore how other organisms around the world are
also adapted for their environment. Next, students will research plant structures that are specific to location and needs. Building a class book that showcases the physical and behavioral adaptations of various plants will be the culmination of the second module. The third module will support students as they explore how organisms use their various senses to keep themselves safe in their environment. Creating an augmented video will bring life to this information. In the fourth module, students will dive deep into the process of understanding how a drought can affect an ecosystem. Next, students will research human systems and the major organs in the body. In the final module, students will research and debate the importance of plant and animal function.