2021 STEM2Hub Virtual Computer Science Festival Took Flight

STEM2 Hub convenes, inspires, and invests in the STEM2 field by providing the essential missing elements to accelerate the growth of STEM2 education and careers. In pursuing their mission, they hosted the STEM2 Hub Virtual Computer Science Festival from July 26th – July 30th for passionate educators across the southeastern U.S. All participants received a custom kit with ed-tech products from STEM2 Hub’s partners along with live training throughout the week. Woz ED was thrilled to sponsor STEM2 Hub as they inspired teachers to integrate STEM experiences into the 2021-2022 academic year. Using Woz ED’s jet-black “stealth” drones, the conference culminated in simultaneous drone flight with all educators. Check out the video above and visit STEM2 Hub. If you’d like to integrate STEM experiences in your school, feel free to browse a few Woz ED STEM Pathways.

Published: September 01, 2021


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