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2023 Woz Pathway Conference
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Thank you for presenting at the 2023 Woz ED Pathway Conference! We are excited to have you and/or your team deliver a 30 minute presentation that inspires others to take action and provide them with tools to accomplish goals and outcomes.

For example, if you are presenting your STEM programming data collection process, please share with session attendees motivational efforts to start their data collection process using your framework as a starting point/template.  

If you are presenting on the success of implementing Woz ED, please shared with session attendees a brief description of your school or organization, what Woz ED kits are currently being implemented and in what setting, success/positive impact of implementation of Woz ED kits and the progression going into consecutive years. 

Below are best practices to creating a great presentation

  • Tell a story to inspire and engage your audience.
  • Share your implementation model 
  • Use real photos with smiling faces from your organization (limit stock photography).
  • Include main ideas on slides in a visual manner. Limit bullet points.


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