A Power-House Partnership in K-12 Science and Technology Education

SAM Labs and Woz ED Share A Mission

SAM Labs, like Woz ED, is an organization seeking to provide innovative solutions to creating and implementing STEAM and Science curriculum in K-12 education. They are dedicated to providing hands-on learning experiences that expose students to STEAM and Science concepts and allow them to access the skill sets that they will need in the 21st century. They aim to provide easily accessible written curriculum and physical resources to schools that empower them to create collaborative and innovative STEAM and Science environments for their students.

In several schools, like Berwyn North School District 98, Woz ED and SAM Labs resources have been interwoven as supplemental science and technology resources. It appears that the two educational organizations complement each other quite perfectly. 

This Is Why We Are Thrilled To Announce Our Upcoming Partnership With SAM Labs!

Woz ED and SAM Labs are pairing up to create a diverse and multidimensional suite of learning solutions. Together, we aim to revolutionize learning for our community by delivering cutting- edge Science, Computer Science, STEM, and STEAM content to our schools, districts, and non-profit organizations. With the help of SAM Labs, we will be creating co-branded Woz ED learning kits that will give students immersive, real world experiences in the classroom and keep them engaged. These kits seek to foster exploration, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in students and give them confidence to master complex subject matter. 

In addition to this, Woz ED and SAM  Labs are launching an online platform to complement these kits. This will include videos, streamlined lesson plans, how-to’s, and more. The goal here is to offer a seamless and interactive educational journey for teachers and students alike. 

Best Practices In STEAM and Science At Berwyn North School District 98

Berwyn North School District 98 in Berwyn, IL has been using Woz ED Kits and SAM Labs curriculum simultaneously in their STEM labs. They have found that these resources work well together in areas like providing hand-on learning for more students, supplementing lesson plans, and giving teachers more resources to draw from. There was a similar draw to each company for the leaders of Berwyn.

When Gary Evashenk, the school’s Director of Instructional Technology, visited a neighboring district in Chicago using SAM Labs, he was impressed with the student’s ability to conceptualize and vocalize what they were learning. When hands-on learning meets cognitive development, it is clear that the student has reached a deeper level of mastery. In the same light, Evashenk was drawn to Woz ED because it too fostered this depth of understanding and growth amongst students. Evashenk comments on the strength of Woz ED and SAM Labs learning material by saying,

“We wouldn’t invest in it if it weren’t something that we truly believe in and I think both curriculums do allow for the creativity and all of the other soft skills that we’re seeing develop in our students. We’re getting great feedback from both staff and students…a partnership between Woz ED and SAM Labs would be a win-win.”

He also applauds Woz ED representative, Andrea Nestvold, and SAM Labs representative, Alyssa Ems, for the continuous support and commitment that they have given Berwyn.

What To Expect From This New STEAM and Science Partnership

The versatility and depth of the SAM Labs curriculum, along with the reliability and flexibility of Woz ED resources will make for a power-house partnership in K-12 science and technology education. We will be able to provide our schools and educational spaces a wider array of support. This will include elements like more teacher training, continuous product evolution, well-rounded curriculum, and online informational resources. The goal is to give our community a step-by-step approach to creating robust STEM, STEAM, Science and Technology programs. 

We will soon be releasing a sneak peak of our new interface and the innovative tools we are developing. We can’t wait to share them with you soon and look forward to continuing to ideate, innovate, and create the best educational resources available.

If you are interested in more information about this partnership, feel free to reach us at [email protected]!

Published: June 21, 2024


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