The Pink Dot


Ashley Williams

“An outstanding educator who graced our lives for far too short a span.”

If you look carefully in the upper-right corner of our constellation, you will see a pink dot. Ashley Williams, our Director of Development from 2012 to 2018, loved the color pink. At 2:55 a.m. on February 20, 2018, we lost Ashley. She was a friend, co-worker, and contributor to A+ Educators and Woz ED. She began her fight in the beginning of July 2017 when diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma that had spread to her brain. In spite of multiple surgeries, debilitating symptoms, and crippling pain, Ashley continued to work and contribute until just two weeks before cancer claimed her life.

Ashley Williams was a National Board Certified elementary school teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District for 8 years. She worked to make a difference in every student’s life she encountered and loved knowing she made an impact. When she moved to Arizona, she worked as a middle school teacher with students who have special needs. When she decided to leave the classroom, she wanted to continue to know that she would be able to affect the lives of students. She worked diligently on every project she touched because of that vision and commitment.

Ashley Williams was an integral part of A+ Educators for six years. Her role as Director of Development created a lasting imprint on the company and thousands of young learners. The pink dot memorializes the mark she left on our products and our hearts.