Jessica Vensel

Vice President of
Quality Assurance

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Jessica is not afraid of change and has jumped into the Woz ED world ready to learn. Having a background in special education with the majority of her career in residential care settings, Jessica knows how important hands-on, tech-based learning is for all students, especially at-risk youth.

She holds two master’s degrees, one in Curriculum and Instruction and the other in Educational Leadership, serving in school-based settings for 13 years. Before transitioning to Woz ED, she was a site administrator for a Woz Pathway school and has seen firsthand the impact on students’ learning.

Outside of her career, Jessica is a secret Harry Potter fan and can be found most nights listening to true crime podcasts while experimenting in the kitchen. She is a dog-mom and has recently delved into the art of costume making as she has committed to making her niece’s Halloween costume each year.

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