Julia Mayeshiba

Curriculum Developer

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Julia is a voracious learner with a passion for creating authentic learning experiences that get kids thinking, creating, and collaborating. Before working with Woz ED, she loved teaching math and physics at an urban high school in Florida. Here, she always strove to connect her content with careers.

Julia infuses everything she does with an ethic of care. She combines this with her enthusiasm for science to make quality STEM and science education more accessible for students and teachers.

When she’s not creating at Woz ED, Julia is scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, or cooking at her current home base in Guam.

Other accomplishments:

  • 2023 Duval County Teacher of the Year
  • B.S. in Astronomy and Physics from The University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • M.A. in Teaching (Secondary Science) from The University of North Florida
  • Robert Noyce STEM Teaching Fellow from 2019-2023